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Me and my new boyfriend have been dating for about a week. His family is poor and he has 4 other siblings, his parents can't afford to get him a phone right now. Me and him only get to talk when were together at school, and I really want to talk with him also when we are away. He dosen't have any electronic device he can use besides a TV and an old gaming system. I was thinking of giving him one of my devices (an iPad), ill let him borrow it till he gets a phone. I'm doing this so he has a device to use plus have entertainment, and also so me and him could iMessage eachother and FaceTime when were away. Do you think this is a stupid idea? I'm sure I could trust him letting him borrow a $600 Apple device, I mean there is a big risk something might happen to it, I have 2 ipads, an ipod, and a iPhone 6. We are both 15.


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  • Bad idea
    here's why

    Ya ain't known him long
    ya young
    it's ya parents money that bought those things

  • really, such girls really do exist in this world? you are simply wonderful..


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