Peanut Butter and Jealous?

I have a Booboo who loves me, ever so dearly.

However, she doesn't get jealous or shows it,
I'm assuming she tolerates whenever I talk to other girls.

I just have a couple of close female friends.

But I'm wondering why doesn't she inquire or want to know about these lady friends of mine.

GaGers ! UNITE! ...
Kiddin' Help me out? :P Thanks~

P. S. She's my second Love, but my first was always so jealous whenever I was playful around others, GUY OR GIRLS, she was extra clingy,

but this one, this fish does not bite at any of my baits. #SheAPisces xoxoxo

Thanks in advance GaGers ! Wish I can send y'all a beer.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Jealously is an emotion that could literally make or break a relationship. If you aren't giving her a reason to get jealous, then she won't be, you're better off that way anyway. However if you're wondering why she's not all nosey when it comes to girls, perhaps she just trusts you.

    • oh man, totally love this answer and yeah its better off that way but I can't help it, if it can be questioned, I want the answer.

      Like if she's so infatuated, what's preventing jealousy to leak through ><
      The urge to find out is a struggle I tell ya.

    • Sounds cheesy, but I think when couples are truly at peace with each other, and I guess nuts about each other, then the thought of each other even looking at anyone else, crazy jealous or cheating (worst case scenario) is not even near, you just know they wouldn't do that. Usually in relationships bullshit starts happening when there's a disconnect, and you can FEEL IT.

    • Where have you been GaGing all my GaGLife, #Following.

      I hope your relationship gets better !
      You deserve a brain that can match your rational observations & thoughts !

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What Girls Said 3

  • Never had a booboo

    • You're 14, You don't need one ! hahahah Stay single, it's more fun !

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    • yeah ! good , stay that way ! If I have a daughter,
      I want her to be just like that LOL. after she's 20 1/2,
      she can do whatever ! but never til then ! hahahaah!~ ( I just won't support most of her choices at a young age x: )

    • My parents have it easy lol, I'm not the average teenage, drama queen daughter.

  • You're intentionally trying to make her jealous?
    Maybe because she trusts you and isn't insecure.
    Maybe she can tell that you're purposely trying to make her jealous and isn't giving you the satisfaction.

    • no no, hahaha I wouldn't wanna do anything to hurt her intentionally ;P
      It just gets me curious because I'm very used to it ! So Call me curious George.
      There just has to be more too it than just pure tolerance & trust.

  • She's just not the jealous type, or at least doesn't want to be so she doesn't show it. Pretty simple.

    • Oh hun, It's never that simple !
      When both in the relationship have a brain, It, Is, NEVER, that simple. xoxo

    • For me, in my experience, it is. I don't know, don't overthink it. She's not your ex.

    • Overthink something? NEVER ! For Science? ALWAYS !

      hahaha~ You must've had some terribad Y's #KevinHart

What Guys Said 3

  • Some peeps just don't get jealous and insecure
    tis simple really

  • Maybe she is concerned, but she doesn't show it.

  • I have had both jelly girls and non jelly girls. I always just assumed the non jelly ones gave less of a shit about us. lol