Why did my crush?

Keep the pics of the food him and his ex ate on ig but he has never taken a actual picture with her which I think is strange but anyway I recently told him I like him and he deleted the one physical pic of her off his ig which was just her alone it was her pic of her self and he deleted her off ig and fb did he ever like her? He still has only pics of the food they ate but here's the history between us: about two years ago we always used to stare at each other and I guess we have been crushing on each other but we never got the courage to talk than he starts to date this girl and than breaks up with her when I contacted him on fb now I told him my feeling and he deleted her from all his social media. Did he like me all along?


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  • Lazy... I still have pictures of a girlfriend I had in 2008.. just never got around to delete... probably never will. but i never look at them.


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