Guys advice on this ! want to pay for him?

In brief, we've been on a few great dates & he's paid for pretty much everything except me getting a few drinks... its his birthday soon & we have another date planned, so I've offered to buy him dinner (hes already got movie sorted)

he's said 'you dont have to, are you sure etc'

does this mean he's offended I want to pay? I'm just trying to do something nice for him in return for taking me on lovely dates

but he has paid for dinner previousy & for other things, i'm mainly doing this as a birthday thing for him? also if he gets the movie after is that not like we're splitting the night anyway?
also he mentioned he is trying to save up some money


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  • If it is a point of honor for him, he'd rather avoid it at all costs if not die instead.

    Your best move is to give the credit card to the restraunt in advance before the bill is brought up or even before the meal is ordered. At the end they just bring you the paper to sign and smile, surprise! That may be better than just insisting on it. I've found restraunts in the south that I have eaten at are completely unequipped for this like they are on the west coast :) Hopefully you have an establishment that understands.


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  • He is a guy and guys should always pay for the dinner.

  • Guys pay. Girls don't. That Is life


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  • just pay then.