Too ugly for love?

I am almost 19 and never had a girlfriend or kissed a girl. I have many good looking girls as friends, but none of them are interested in me at all. I was called ugly once in 8th grade, once junior year and once again very recently. I never thought of myself as ugly until recently. Now it's all I think about and it's killing e inside. Almost all my friends are getting laid (only two are the same boat as me). I've been told that I'm funny by many many people. I've also been told that I'm very nice. Is there any hope for ugly guys?


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  • This guy called me ugly once in school, literally right behind my back because he thought i wasn't paying attention. And that haunts you, that one thing one person said once can cancel out all the positive stuff.
    It sucks, but here's the truth. Some people think Brad Pitt is ugly, they think Johnny Depp and Michael Fassbender or whatever his name is is ugly. I'm sure everyone is ugly in someones eyes. But that is just an opinion, that doesn't make it truth or anything even resembling truth.
    And besides we are so much more than our outer shells, than our appearances. You'd be selling yourself and a lot of people short, by focusing too heavily on looks.
    At 19 to never have had a gf or kissed a girl is not a big deal. Like at all, you would be seriously surprised how many people are in the same boat (especially since a lot lie about it).
    If it really bugs you, take control... Start eating well and exorcising, associate confidence with health and hard work... Ask some of your female friends there opinions on clothes and style for guys... You are young and you can reinvent yourself into anything you want. You've changed a lot since 8th grade, arguably you are not the same person (um hello puberty) so whatever was said about you then is not applicable now.
    There is hope for everyone:)

    • I was called ugly recently as well. I feel like no girl will ever be attracted to me.

    • Like i said no-one will ever be every bodies type.
      It's just one persons opinion. Don't sweat it.

      Confidence is key, you need to work on building it. Hang out with great supportive people, not assholes who say stuff like ugly to you. Join a fitness group and get into shape. That's what i did, and it really helps you feel more in control of things.
      Ask any girl out there, confidence trumps natural looks any day and by a whole heck of a lot.

    • That's very good to know.

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  • Are you overweight?
    Are you hygienic?
    Are you confident?
    Are you interesting?
    Do you make an effort to talk to girls you like?

    We don't know anything about you except your age, you're funny and you've been called "ugly" twice.

    It's not that ugly people can't find girlfriends, it's that their confidence is usually shot and they stop trying to meet girls and ask them out.

  • Be confident bro. Anyone can get a girl.