How can (and should) I ask if he's actually interested or just being polite?

We went on a first date after a month of texting. It seemed to go really well. We chatted for hours and because of that he missed his train (he lives an hour away). So he crashed at mine. We made out a little bit and got to 3rd base but he said no sex on the first date, which I agreed with. When we woke up it was a little awkward. When he left he leaned in and I didn't know what he was trying to do so I hugged him.

The next day I text to say if had a good time and would like to do it again. He said he'd had fun too and sure hed be up for doing it again. We text a couple more times and then he text me that evening to see how my work was going. The day after we had a little banter and I dropped a hint about meeting up again but he didn't say anything - just kept up the banter so I didn't reply. The next day he didn't text at all. I just text him this morning to ask about a thing I knew he'd had yesterday. He replied saying it seemed to go well. That was it. No questions.

Is he just replying to be polite? Is he trying to brush me off? Can I just ask him to find out where I stand?

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  • you're giving mixed signals. next time instead of beating around the bush, waiting for him to ask to do something, just say that yourself.

    • How am I giving mixed signals? I don't want to be so itd be helpful to know lol

    • don't drop hints, guys don't always catch on. just say what you really mean.

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  • he is not even giving mized signals... he wants you just have to set up the day officialy


What Girls Said 1

  • I've been in a similar situation in the summer and I decided he was not interested so I cut him off. The thing is he was actually afraid because we were connecting really fast (Which I only realised too late).
    So if you like this guy, just ask directly how he feels. It's the best. Then you can get a direct answer.
    Don't be proud and stubborn like me.

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