Mixed signals, should I tell him what I think?

Ok so, what do you think?

-he paid for first date but never paid after
-after end of second date we had sex
-we talk on phone and text everyday
-he is always available when i want to see him
-he never compliments me
-he invites me Saturday to a party with his friends

Everything is nice but the fact that he does not pay and never compliments makes me unsure... Should i tell him?

So he wants to spend the weekend together and bring me to party with his friends Saturday...

Do men present girls they dont plan to become official with to their friends?
please help, is it rude to talk to him about this?


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  • honesty is always best.

  • He might just be cheap.

    • Maybe! I feel like je doesn't care enough to pay it bothers me a lot especially on the first dates... Should i tell him?