How should a guy handle a bi girlfriend?

i have a bi gilfriend , now there are no problems , i was just wondering if i should be worried


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  • That depends, worried about what?

    Worried that she'll leave you for a girl? That's entirely possible. Depends on whether or not she's okay with being in an actual relationship with a girl or if she's just sexually attracted to them.

    Worried that she'll cheat on you? Also entirely possible, and harder for you to detect, given that any girls she's friends with are also potential lovers. That depends on whether or not she's okay with cheating, or if she even considers having sex with other girls cheating in the first place.

    And most bi-sexual girls, just like straight girls, aren't down for threesomes in a relationship, and for the exact same reasons. The fact that she ALSO wants to fuck the other girl isn't going to get rid of the potential jealousy she'll feel seeing YOU fucking another girl, and it's not going to stop her from being afraid that you're going to leave her for the other girl afterward.


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  • No need to worry.


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  • Dude, get her to get a girlfriend, and become a threesome!
    At least that's what I would do...