He just stopped chatting ! HELP?

So i have met this guy through Facebook ! He added me then started chatting ( although i made it clear that i dont prefer to meet people via the internet ) but yet he continued chatting and he was sweet , funny and charming not mentioning he's good looking too !
Now he chatted with me for like 5 days in a row back n forth.. then he just stopped !
So after one day not talking i initiated conv for the first time and he was excited and slipped " ur a good looking girl " into the conv so i should consider it as a flirt right? .. but i didn't flirt back cuz am a little shy and i didn't want him to think that am throwing my self at him..
I dont want him to think that am easy to get..
But i really like him problem is i know i get clingy so fast but i dont show it.. and i dont know who's being more invested here..
The chatting stopped for 2 days non of us initiated.. i know he might be busy but he's active on social media.

why did he stopped chatting with me?
And what should i do / say to keep him interested?

When should i initiate contact? And what should my next move be?

please help


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  • I think he is trying to know whether you're interested in him as much as he is interested in you, but don't initiate the convo just yet, be active on social media as well, if he is coming online he is most likely checking you recent activities, in a couple of days if he hasn't contact you, inbox him and say "You haven't inboxed me for a while, hope you're okay", if he contacts you before that don't show him that you've been waiting for his inbox but also don't be cold to him and be talkative.

    • Thanq so much.. he just talked finally !
      So i should never initiate contact unless it takes a while..
      Honestly i dont know what should we talk about to keep him interested.. fyi he asked for my phone number the same day we started chatting.. but i thought its too much for 1st fb convo cuz i dont even know him.. so i blew him off.. was it a good or bad move for me?

      What do you think?

    • That was a good thing to do, keep him in Facebook until you get to know him better and whether he is to be trusted with number or not, as of the conversation, you can talk about anything you want, ask him questions about himself, talk about recent events or anything just to keep the conversation going, always end your inbox with a question so the conversation never dies.

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