I can't flirt to save my life, help?

I haven't seen the guy I'm dating in weeks. The last date ended with a kiss, well several kisses. Yesterday I asked if I would see him this year (joking in regards to the last time we saw each other). He suggested I come to his house when I'm free. I've been to his house before, last time I was being really weird and sat on the chair next to his bed and although it was a nice evening I totally gave the wrong impression. Last time we went out I made an effort to show how much I like him, I dressed up, gave eye contact for once, I was being a little playful when he was teasing me, we sat really close and at the end I grew some balls and initiated the first kiss.

Although I should feel more comfortable next time I feel nervous. Like do I greet him with a hug and a kiss this time. I am going to sit next to him this time lol. I know it should come naturally but I suck when it comes to flirting... do I stroke his head? Lmao.. Squeeze his leg?

Help me lol


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  • gentle touching is obvious flirting. try that.

    • Thank you. I will give it a go

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  • Don't worry about I'm lousy at flirting


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