People how has been your experience with dating sites?

Have you met anyone you have liked and went on a date with or has it just wasted your time

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  • Online dating has treated me both good and bad. I've had better luck with European women than American women, and I'm currently talking to one who lives in Ukraine. It always drives me crazy how far away we live from each other, especially when we do video chats.
    As for the women I have met online in America, most of them don't respond to my emails. Among the ones who do respond, most of them abruptly stop texting me either before or after the first meeting. I'd be lucky to even see a woman in person twice! I also have had higher response rates to my emails among American women of my own race (Black) than women from other races.


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  • Most people I've met on dating sites have either been creepy or wayyyyyy to old for me. I've went out with a couple guys that way though and both seemed like nice guys and then turned out to be raging dickheads. I think that's bc all the girls that they knew already knew that about them so they joined a website to meet girls from other towns who hadn't heard their back story. I'm sure it can work out but it never has for me.

    • Well that's reality! Huh

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    • Well farming is a lot of hard work girl you've got my utmost respect :)

  • The very moment I made it and my first match is the boyfriend I've been with 10 months so far! Haha XD


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  • I am currently seeing someone really great off tinder. Its casual, but we get along super well and tinder is hardly online dating!

    • Hope u stay happy brother

  • Mostly mentally deranged, insecure and vulnerable women. My experience was fantastic!

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