How do I pursue a guy and not look weird?

Pretty sure my guy friend likes me, he is shy about pursuing girls ( a mutual friend let me in on that) and I've asked him to hang out a couple of times alone and both times he said yes and we had a great time, but I'm not used to pursuing guys and how do I continue to pursue him and not come across as weird in case he just sees me as a friend? Everyone I talk to thinks he likes me, but I'm not used to this role and guys I've got to give you credit... it's exhausting! But I really really like him, so want to try:)


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  • Say hey I think I might like you as more than a friend. Do you want to go out sometime or do you want to just keep hanging out?

    Then you have an answer either way and it's casual so there's not too much pressure on him.


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  • Be shameless, happy and direct. Trust me, guys love that.


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