BLIND DATE was enthusiastic at first, but now it's like I'm chasing him!! I deleted his number.

i went on a blind date and it was ok. I was tired and he was tired the play was boring so there was no creating the attraction thing... on the drive back he was very attentive and enthusiastic. He mentioned he likes challenges. I messaged him the next day and said it was fun and he replied with much of the same and see you soon. I tried to get him to take me dancing but he said he couldn't yet that evening he called me to ask me if I was ready to check out his moves. Because I was annoyed and put off, I spent a good deal of time talking to another guy and the "blind date" said he was feeling sick and couldn't take me out...but never mind, I would get to see his dance moves...what is up with this guy?

Wow, now this guy is REALLY enthusiastic now... I'm thinking he must like me or is lustin after me. He has been asking when he can kiss me... wow..what a turn makes me a little worried.. maybe he just likes my body! am I over reacting?


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  • You really don't know enough about him to judge, but from what he has shown you, do you want to be treated in that manner?

    • You are right...i deleted his number, because I'm such a texter...would just leave him alone and forget about it... thanks

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