We're "just buddies"?

There's a guy I really like and when my friend drunkenly approached him and asked what was going on with us he told her "we're just buddies" I mean I guess that means he's not interesed but how bad is the term buddies.. Guys usually don't refer to female friends as buddies and it's not a term I hear often so it was just weird. What does that even mean and why would he not just say we are friends?

Any more opinions?


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  • Okay. When a guy calls someone "buddy", it usually means they are referring to someone they're acquainted with, or associated with. Just because he called you a "buddy" doesn't mean he won't end up with you, it just means he either doesn't think of you in the sense of building a relationship with yet, or he is saying that you are his "friend" or someone he knows. Don't take it too seriously!

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    • Thanks for being positive about it! I just felt like the word "buddy" means he doesn't think I'm attractive but I am probably reading too much into it

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  • Maybe he said buddies cause he feels more comfortable around you than other girls.


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  • Buddy to me is like a close friend. Your buddy is someone you want to spend a lot of time with and you're really close. But I mean I dated someone I considered my "buddy" so there still might be hope.

    • Thank you for the positive answer!

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