Why wouldn't he text me after our date?

I had a date with a guy, but I'm very shy and he noticed that. And we also don't speak the same language. well he speaks English kind of badly but he understands. I think we did fine, but the problem was that I don't talk that much. And he also invited me to a party and said that I could go with others friends, and he was asking me what I was going to do the next day and I said nothing but then I remembered that I was going to see a friend. when we were at the park he was like stroking me on my back. Later I told him that I was tired and I needed to get home, so he accompanied me to take a cab, he hugged me tightly, which I didn't expect it (i'm not that affectionate normally) and I think he almost game a peck or he tried to kiss me, but it was so fast i didn't realize. and I think he said something like call me when u get home, but I didn't understand him very well and when I went home, I went directly to sleep. Next day at night I text him how was he going and I have no answer. It's been hours.


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  • If I asked a girl to call me when she got home and she didn't I might be concerned I had come on too strong and she was testing the breaks in the relationship. Sometimes when a guy thinks a girl is testing the breaks, he'll avoid responding hastily to her next text message as a way to assure her he isn't going to be clingy, and that she doesn't need to worry about him drowning her when she reaches out to him.

    Guys who are new to dating and have never been scarred are less likely to behave this way, but anyone who's been burned by women might do so.

    Your best bet is to give him another day or so and then reach out to him again. You don't want to blow up his phone in one day, but you might want to reach out often enough that he's confident in responding to you.

    • nope, i send that text, then I saw he saw it but I haven't text again. I didn't text him that day because I wasn't sure of what I've heard but also I was very sleepy.

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    • nope, but I haven't texted him again because he is travelling and I don't want to annoy him, maybe if he comes back he will text me? I'm hoping for that

    • Thanks for MHO. Good luck with everything!

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  • See, that's the problem... it's been only a few hours!


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  • Maybe he just didn't text. Try calling him and see how that works out, because I mean that is what he told you to do.

    • Yeah, that's true. Trying to call once or twice would be a good idea also, especially if that's what made him feel put-off.