Is it safe to say this guy isn't into me?

Ok so a guy and I have been friends for a year now. One day I got the balls to tell him that I liked him and asked him out. He was really happy and said he really liked me too. Weve been on two dates and about to go on a third. The thing is though is that I ask him out and text him first. Yesterday I asked him his pref on texting and he said he like texting but not periodically. Now I asked him when our date should be and he's like I haven't figured it out but ill tell ya later. Is it safe to say he doesn't like me or am I reading too much into it

  • he likes you quit worrying
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  • It could be he is in the planning stages and just doesn't have all the details worked out. Don't worry it will work out

  • he likes you but you might be coming on too strong. i would pump the brakes a bit.


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  • he likes you but you need to back up a little bit. let him initiate the conversation first. but text first every once in awhile cause then he will talk to you more

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