GIRLS- how can I attract girls?

I have friends (girls) but I never dated anyone. How can I stop being so paranoid? (Or nervous)

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Ignore the poll but I am asking how do I get girls?
Edit: Thanks to those who helped me and suggested things! You may still suggest things on here or talk to me on here! I appreciate it all!

Edit: who ever is 13-16 and who wants to email or text me or wants my Instagram let me know here and don't be afraid to say something not annanomous. I don't bite! 😂👊


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  • Question doesn't need a pole homeboy maybe thats why you single

    • -_- I'm curious about this

    • Ok I don know how to say this but I'll try,, maybe you just don't make any sense at all when you talk to them.. Like with this question why did you include a poll you could have at least gave us more info.. How can we vote that your not doing it right if you never gave us an example of a time you talked to a girl or how can we vote that you are stupid if we don't know nothing about you.. let me ask you this have you ever actually told any girl that you like her?

    • Any how thanks for mho

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  • Just flirt. That's the difference between a friend that's a girl and a girlfriend

  • just calm down relax and breath no matter how hot the girl is just be nice and You start the conversation!

    • Thanks! It's also cuz I don't wanna get rejected. I've been rejected a lot.

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    • @MACHOgamer Jesus dude don't post your fucking number here. I'm gonna text you now.
      If you wanna talk to your crush, then get the nervousness shit and awkwardness shit out of your head. She is just another person, and when you first start talking to her she won't know your intentions anyway. So just treat her like anybody else. That's really it. I used to have the same exact fear as you, but then I just said "fuck it" and now I can talk to anyone I want. You just have to do it once.

    • @darkhumorrus thanks okay u can text if you like lol

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  • why is this even a poll?

  • Just be yourself.

    • Thanks! Ur the most helpful (accidentally picked someone else by accident) ur awesome!

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