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My boyfriends birthday just passed. We have been dating 3 years by the way. And his female best friend who he has been friends with for 8 years now gave him tickets for wicked just her and him which is odd. Like to me it seems like a really big gift to give to someone who is in a relationship. Would that bother you? I brought it up to my bf that I think it was a bit much for a girl that he isn't dating to give him. He seemed to defend it which bothered me. It just seems like he was on her side over his own girlfriend's. I asked him if he said he could bring me too because you know we are a couple and he said no. I don't expect her to pay for me obviously. I just feel like it is a couply thing to do. Then he didn't even invite me which hurt and he knows wicked would be something I like. I don't know why he wouldn't invite me. Then again after 3 years of dating I guess I shouldn't feel awkward about asking him if I can come.


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  • I think you're over reacting a little. It's not really weird if they have been friends for as long as you say. It was probably wrong to say you couldn't go with even if you brought your own ticket but he probably wants to hang with his friend.

    • Its a play though there isn't going to be much talking why can't he hangout with her with me there? I don't know it would be different if she gave him two tickets and said me and him could go but it just seems like a date like activity to me. I'm more upset that my bf seems to hold more importance on his friend than his own gf than I am at her for giving such an extravagant gift.

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    • It still seems weird that he doesn't want me to go like what this is something that a gf should be taken you too not a female friend. I would never give a gift like that to a guy friend in a relationship unless I was trying to get with him

    • That's probably why you feel jealous. You know if it was you you'd be trying to get with him so you think she's trying to do the same thing. I think you are over reacting; however, if you feel that strongly about it then you should sit down and seriously talk to your boyfriend about it but I still think you should have a little faith.

  • I suggest to ignore him and just congrats him (for his birthday) when you see him suddenly...

    • What do you mean ignore him? I'm sorry I'm confused about your advice.

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