What does it mean when a girl randomly gives you her phone number. (am I going about this right)?

One day a girl who has teased me several times and has even ran up to hug me twice took my phone and put her number in it. I took a month to actually start texting her. Then one day came where i asked her if she had been to a particular frozen yogurt place and then asked her if she wanted to go with me she said yes and got pretty excited. I got a little nervous and said we would have to until it gets warmer and she said "true". We continued to text about 3 times a week for another two months then i stopped texting her and i was the main one starting conversations. I did not ignore her altogether however. We didn't text anymore but whenever she sees me she calls my name and waves and i have back. Its been a month since i have last texted her and it is going to warm up in another month so i am planning to ask her out. am i going about this the right way, what should i do as of now?


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  • First of all, you need to decide whether or not you really like this girl and if you wanna stick with her and see where it goes because right now it doesn't sound like you have serious feelings for her. Second, if you do really like her and wanna keep her around, then i don't know ask her out and text her more. She could just be shy. Best of Luck!

    • Ha she is far from shy to be honest. If anything i am the shy one here and i do actually have feelings for her

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  • If I was her I would think you didn't like me

    • Funny thing is she said i had a crush on her but that was like a month ago.

      What would you want the guy to do?

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    • Ok i got it thx!

    • Wow why don't girls fucking text first if that's what they think then. This is why we can't have nice things.

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  • Yes definitely ask her out to this place! I think its obvious it'll be a success so have fun.