Guys do you want to be the sole provider (assuming you can financially) while your wife stay home, or do you want your wife To e the sole provider?

Guys do you want to be the sole provider (assuming you can financially) while your wife stay home, or do you want your wife I do it?

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  • I'd prefer we both work. But most important is that a situation is created where both parties feel comfortable.


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  • I already do this for my wife. It works out pretty well for us both. While it's true that we could have more possessions if we both worked we are content and pretty happy with what we have

  • Both of us being providers will be better because the income coming in is doubled, not just single.
    But if I had to be the sole provider than that is ok, just as long as she isn't telling me I don't make enough money.

  • I'd rather both of us provide but if I had to choose then I'd pick me

  • My mom provides a little bit, and in fact, pays the medical bills for our family. My dad pays for the house etc.. I'm currently unemployed. I had a job but well things went south

  • There wasn't an option for both people working, so I didn't vote.

    This is pretty simple. I'm not going to stay at home. Not interested.

    And I will not ALLOW *her* to stay at home, not an option. She's going to work. You took out students loans? I'M NOT FUCKING PAYING FOR THEM. Get your ass out the fucking door and get a job. College isn't just so you can date and find a man, you will fucking earn money.

    You don't get to bitch about equality of the sexes if your ass isn't out the door working. Make enough to pay for child care, make enough to pay your own loans, pay for your own care. I am not your provider, nor will I be. You lose a job and don't try to reenter the workforce, you will also lose your marriage.

    This isn't ancient times where a guy pays your way for you. You have equality, you get to have everything that goes with it, including the responsibility. Fucking lazy ass out the door and work.

    • Well the pout of not putting that option was to force people to think. Like if you had to. An lets say your not paying for any of her debt. or anything, which would you choose.

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    • Other people's lack of knowledge isn't my concern. In any case, I have NO interest AT ALL in a woman staying home.

    • I never said you did. And I because of other peoples lack of knowledge I wanted to inform you in case you didn't know. I was merely trying to help in case you didn't know, fortunately you did but if you didn't then something would have been learned

  • I have all the money in the world so I can do fuck all to work. she can do what she want to do to live


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