Why do women hate being called out on their lies but hang onto a guy's tiniest flaws?

Most women I've encountered seem to maintain this little "mental logbook" where they remember forever every tiny argument or flaw with a guy and dredge it back up down the line.
Women think it's all right to tell "white lies" (or sometimes, even bigger lies) to guys. Guess what? You lose our trust by doing so. Why do you hate being called out on it? Why not just gracefully accept that it wasn't right to lie and agree to be more transparent next time?
If she can't stand being called out, she'll run away (and lie even more about it!)


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  • it sounds like you've been talking to the wrong women. it has to do with personalities. dishonesty, manipulation, lack of accountability, etc, they aren't qualities unique to any one gender. men lie, women lie, it's a matter of what you will accept in your relationship. it's not your responsibility to change a person, so if you aren't liking the way they treat you, it's time to move on.

    • That's some sound advice. Thanks!

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