Where do I go now?

I broke up with my ex GF 2 years ago - nearly to the day. I had been with her for 2 years, I am only 21, 22 on Friday , so the relationship started at a relatively young age.

The girl in question, I'll call her F, was my first proper girlfriend. The break up was rough, many tears involved from both sides, a case of cheating on her part, a case of clingyness on my part (she moved away to uni, we stayed together for 3 months or so after she left) and things were hard for us both.

Now she has moved on, I presume and is doing her own thing, which I'm fine with. I want no further contact with her and vice versa. But I am finding it REALLY hard to feel any sort of attachment to anyone, aside from my best friend. I have been on a few dates since the break up with F, with some fantastic people, but I have not been able to stomach the thought of another relationship. I shy away from it, I ended up pushing someone I would have 'normally' given my left arm to be with so far away she doesn't want to speak to me anymore.

Am I going to be able to care about a potential S/O again? Or have I settled down a route that will see me live my life as a single man?


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  • Eventually you will the one that makes you feel that way again


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