Anything but a Platypus?

Ok, we all know there's a lot of things about a relationship that can upset a person.

What I really want to know is,

Which emotion or personality of your significant other do you VERY LEAST like to see when you upset him or her?

I'm a man, I can handle rejection with balls of steel,

but when my baby gets all disappointed in something I've done, then I tell her I'm going to the gym to let off steam.

but when it's too freaking cold out,
I be on LoL and #QTPie People's mommas.

*What gets you down? Makes you sad, makes you feels.*

P. S. I wanted to include a poll, but this question has flexible answers ! I'll enjoy reading all of them ! xoxo.


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  • But I want a platypus?

    • me too ! they're pretty darn cute for Mammals who don't do much. :3

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