Should I Call This Girl?

I met this girl online and we talked for about a week before we met up. It was first suppose to be dinner, but then she decided she just wanted to get coffee. So we finally got together and she really didn't want to talk with me. Even though she did a majority of the talking, I had to ask just about every question. We had about 3 awkward pauses during the conversion and she would sometimes look away from me.. She knew what I looked like so that really shouldn't have been a big surprise.. Overall, I don't think it went that well, but I really want to give it another try.. In the past, I've given up too easily so I really want to try and peruse girls more aggressively... I'm going to call her next week and invite her to a hockey game she said she really wanted to go to.. What I'm not sure about is if I should mention that things felt weird or didn't go that well during our first meeting and say we should give it another try. I really need to find out if she's interested at all so I know of I should stop putting any attention on her.


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  • I don't think its a good idea to talk about the first meeting.. in your mind, there were more negative things that happened than positive things.. so don't dwell on it and certainly don't ask her about it because I'm sure she felt awkward as well. The first time.. be it an online friend or a person you met somewhere, it will be a little awkward.. but the challenge is to ignore it and imagine yourself into your comfort zone even though you are not in it.

    The fact that the girl changed the dinner plans to coffee is a sign.. I hope you picked up on that.. She was nervous so she changed it into a less personal setting and a little less intimate "date". Coffee doesn't mean anything.. it could mean "just friends".. and if you got that vibe from her, then pursue her a bit more cautiously.. don't be too aggressive or she will back off.. especially because she met you online.. its very hard to build a trust for anyone..

    So you don't have to say "i think last time it was awkward".. if you are gonna call her, just have a normal conversation like nothing happened.. and plan some fun things for you two for the next time.. the hockey game sounds like something.. but add some more things to it.. maybe try a new restaurant you've always wanted to try but never had the chance.. keep it light until you can pick up on some more signs from her that don't say "just friends".. and after that, ask her for the dinner date again and a movie or something.. if she says yes, then you can pursue her a little more aggressively.

    Its all about figuring each other out the first few times you meet.. both of you are mysterious to each other.. so keep it fun and don't straight up ask her about her feelings about the last date and stuff like that.

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