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So I'm shy type person. I really like this girl but I'm not sure if she wants to date or not. I have her number and we go to church together. We Say hi while passing. She smiles when we pass. But I'm not sure if she's being nice or kind of feels something. When I see her it's hard trying to go up and talk to her to ask her out. I mean she's always talking to someone. Would it be bad to ask her over text if she wanted to get dinner?


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  • If there is one thing a girl wouldn't like, it's being asked out on a date via text. There are just some things that you're phone can compensate for, like a) social interaction, this includes flirting (cause we all know how awkward when you don't come across they way you want to) b) romantic involvement, girls would rather see your face and hear your voice when you're going to ask them out, not a text saying "Hey, wanna get some dinner tmr night at the mall?" It's just more intimate and gentlemanly to say it in front of the face, as well as brave (we like guys who can push that shy exterior away so they can get to know us, we see the effort and are extremely flattered most times.) So yeah, if you're planning on asking her out, just get her alone next time you see her and propose lunch (not dinner, dinner is to intimate for the first round).

    To whether she likes you or not, I'm not seeing any tell-tale signs because, I smile and say hi at people I know when we pass, it's really just common courtesy and good manners. If you catch her looking at you often and initiating conversations, if you catch her asking about your love life or girls in your life in general, or if you catch body actions that show interest (feet pointed to you, rarely losing eye contact when speaking, always trying to touch you somehow) then yeah she likes you. But bases of what you said she really just seems like a nice person.

    Don't be afraid to ask her out though! Maybe she's just equally as shy, haha.


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