Do he loves me?

i am 16 years old and im in a long distance relationship. I met my boyfriend online last month and we continue chatting using Facebook or Skype. we agree to many things and he was so cool. everyday and every night im thinking of him. well our relationship is trial. he is my first boyfriend and now, our relationship is complicated but were still chatting everyday. when i say i love u to him he doesn't reply me, he did but just once and when i say i miss u he will say that too but all i want to hear is the word "i love u". do u think he love me?


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  • See with long distance i can only tell you that it takes a lot of work and effort to put into a relationship. When the other person breaks it off with you its like a done deal youve hit a dead end and basically youve cut off the line.

    well I don't know i recently started talkin to a guy online i met him through a dating site. We talked and soon enough he fell for me but he kept blocking and unblocking me which i found really odd i asked him why he kept doing that he said he had fear of attachment over internet. Then for obvious reason in 2 months he broke up with me said his parents dont approve of it because i dont look great in pics ( yup without meeting) lol anyways after he dumped me he closed down his dating profile and stalked me for about 2 months while we werent talking. Stalking as in typing a message and the erasing it, copying my statuses. Then he completely hid his status, pic, last login on whatsapp. When after 2 months i contacted him he read my msgs and blocked me. Does that mean he still wants to talk to me? or wants me back? or have anything to do with me? i dont think so. see its really hard to read people online. I haven't even skyped with him and i fell for him. sometimes its just how we percieve people and how they usually turn out are two different things.

    I know you're fairly young. May i ask you how old is he? he might like you but then he's more on the real side that he doesn't wanna lead you on and have you expecting.

    • he's 18 right turning to 19 and i will be turning to 17. . well, i met him in omegle last January 29 2015 and we agreed to try a long distance relationship 3 days ago (feb. 16). i ask him if he's serious about our relationship and he said "yeah probably" .. and sometimes i feel he's not serious about me. im not the jealous type but i just feel hurt when i say i love you and he will not reply me the same.

    • It's too early to say anything. I know u have that sort of attachment but trust me do no invest in it as of now! It's way too early!!! He's probabky talking to other girls. please discard any feelings until u guys meet in person

    • i dont know if he has plan to meet me but i just wish he will someday

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  • No he doesn't. He likes you though, which is better than love. At least from a guy.

  • If you met online and not much and person its a little much to expect an "i love you" from either person

    • what exactly you mean?

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  • No I don't think so. It sounds like you guys are friends. Maybe you guys really need to talk about what you guys actually want. If he really wants a long distance relationship. Honestly, I don't trust long distance relationships, because you really won't know what that other person is doing. But that's just my insecurities. But don't try to hold onto him when you know he's not trying as hard as you are. Good Luck, Sweetheart. I hope I helped (:

    • im trying to ignore him but its hard.. this is the first time i fell to a guy like this.. everyday i wake up i think of him and every night i sleep i think of him. i miss him soooo bad!

    • From what I read, you say that you guys met a couple of weeks ago and agreed to a relationship. Maybe you're moving to fast in his perspective. What do you honestly feel? Do you feel that he's not as serious as you? Whatever you might think, it might be true. Trust your intuition. You also barely know the guy.

    • i feel I love him and i wanna see him so bad..
      (Do you feel that he's not as serious as you): uhm yeah.. but i still ignore it coz i once figured that he's not the kind of person who is sweet but he actually cares