How to stop falling for this guy?

He is so sweet, caring and funny! Easy to talk to and very understanding, mature also which i like! Now why would i want to stop falling for this guy! WELL , he wants to date me yes yay i should be happy but what is holding him back is distance which is a little over an hour since I am at school. But when i am home at the most he is 20ish minutes away from me and I come home semi-often if i have a reason. He keeps making me fall more in love with him but he won't take the leap of faith and see if the relationship would work long distance which is killing me inside because I can't even look at other guys without feeling like "but i want him (the guy)" not whoever this other dude is. And I keep telling myself he doesn't want it so stop letting it get to you and raising your hopes. I just need to know how to stop feeling for this guy the more i talk to him the more i fall for him and i want to keep speaking with him. But i can't speak to him and not fall for him help me!!


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  • I'm afraid to say that those things can't be avoided. They just happen. I think that if you're falling so much you should give yourself a try with him. Even if it doesn't work, at least you can say you tried and won't regret later for not having tried when you could do it.

    • yes i want to but how do i convince him to go for it i keep saying it won't hurt to try but h e i like i know but the distance!

    • I wouldn't consider one hour such a big distance. Aren't you home on the weekends? You could meet personally when you're home, even if it's rare. Tell him that it's worth to try, you can be wasting a very good chance.

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  • I think you should do the opposite, pursue him.