How Should I Keep Future Possibilities with a Girl Open?

So I met this girl in the summer and we have been texting in spurts since. So its kinda like a flirty friendly relationship. Definitely nothing serious. Anyways I recently just looked at her Instagram and saw that she has had a boyfriend for a little over a year. She has never mentioned him, but it has never gotten to the point that she needed too ya know? Sometimes we wouldn't talk for a couple months, like I said nothing serious. So before you all jump on me, since I found out about her BF I am not longer actively trying for her. So the question is more of how can I keep the potential for a relationship open in the future if they break up (with no intervention from me of course)? I mean I don't want to be flirting with her when she has a boyfriend, but I don't want to be put in the friendzone bc it's hard to get out of if the time comes. I am not stuck or obsessed with this girl and I will be looking elsewhere, but she is someone that I would very much like to date if she where free. What would you recommend to keep as many doors open as possible?


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  • Why don't you focus all this energy on someone who actually is available now?


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