How do you know the difference between a girl who likes you and a girl who only likes your attention?

Phil Er fills her philter with filler (Filler)


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  • Honestly just put your balls on the line. It's just a risk we take when dating. Good news is, the truth about these kinds is things usually come out pretty quickly.

    But for reference- Someone who really cares about you will listen and not just speak.

    • Sounds legit.

    • Good God that whole first paragraph barely makes sense haha. I'm bad at typing on my phone.

    • Hahah, I know the feeling. I think I read my own stuff a lot more critically than others' though. When someone else types I'm more likely to overlook minor errors and only notice the point being made.

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  • Stop giving her attention and see if she is still interested on you.

    • That makes sense. I just hate doing anything that feels manipulative to understand someone though. I guess deciding not to give someone attention can hardly be considered manipulative though.

    • It's not... because you aren't try to manipulate to get a certain reaction, which is mean, but you're just seeing how she reacts.

    • I s'pose. Thanks!

  • @CommieDearest pretty much yeah


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  • SIMPLE you accuse her of liking you AND judge her reaction "WORKS every time". Most girls that I knew/knew would either

    1 Do a faint smile while slightly rolling their eyes

    2 Try to deny it but I/you could tell that they were lying so I/you'd keep pushing it until they either admitted

    3 Just simply say "NO" I don't in an assertive/serious manner. Sometimes they'll do that to SELL THEIR LIE/hide their feeling for you though. So just go with your instincts

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