Was your SO too possessive of you in your prior relationships? How has that influenced your current relarionship?

I met someone who is beautiful from the inside out - just completely. She told me her relationships have ended with her SO becoming completely possessive. Have you experienced this? How have you dealt with it? What things still concern you with new relationships?

How about the flip side, have you been too possessive? What happened? How would you have changed things?


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  • YES. i left a previous relationship partially because of this and it was irritating AF. I'm not with a man now but i will definitely make sure he isn't this way.

    • For her it occurred after they had been together for a while - after "consummating the relationship" is my understanding. She felt the same way though. God luck, rest assured you will find someone better suited for you. Thanks for commenting,

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    • eh it's cool, i learned a lot and grew from it. @phoenix98

    • Yup, every experience success or failure yields a learning experience.

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  • No my last girlfriend was quite the opposite actually she was kind and caring individual who didn't see me as something to possess. And I have never been possessive I don't see people especially people I am in a relationship with as objects or items to possess like property.

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