You guys, I think I might already have a Potential BF? what do you think of this situation?

I met this guy just this Monday, we went on a date. A restaurant and then we went strolling in the park. After Monday, he has been constantly texting me, like LITERALLY. today, we were texting and to my surprise, he just randomly called me and our phone conversation lasted 1 hour and 45 minutes. We talked about EVERYTHING, from places he wants to go, asking me what I like, how are my parents like, and even asked about how my past relationship was like as well as whether I get upset easily. When I said yes, he's like "we'll need to work on that" - he made it sound like we are gonna be officially dating.

He wanted to come out meet me tonight but I insisted that we wait this Friday lol. I don't know what to think, is he falling for me, smitten or what? I am flattered.


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  • I would go with caution.

    You could we'll be right and the guy is smitten, it does happen easily to people.

    But the flip side could be that he is just looking for a one nighter. Telling you exactly what you want to hear, making it seem he is the perfect guy.

    So either way i would go with caution.

    • hmmm that is true, but honestly from experience the one nighter guys are already asking for "movie nights" for 2nd date, but the fact that THIS guy is looking at places that we can go to, and asking serious stuff about me, is something else.

    • Don't be so naive. There is more than one tactic or scheme to try to get a girl into bed. Some people play different games.

      Like I said I could be well wrong, but I also do know the lengths men go to for sex.

      Either way what he's saying after such a short time is a little disconcerting, and seemsike he is moving very fast. Caution is still best.

    • I make sure I don't give him the S for a few months.
      I will stay away from "movie nights"

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