Ladies what is the best way to ask you out (on a date)? What are some of the more creative things you have heard?

Haven't been on a date in a couple of years and I have never initiated a date ever so I need serious help. I feel like a loser for not knowing how to do this, any tips or ideas would be helpful. I'd appreciate it :)

What if you dont know if they are single or not? I dont want to be a creeper im trying my best to not be awkward i was a hermit for years so this is hard for me. I can get their attention and say hi but when it comes to numbers or dates i am a pussy too scared to ask basically. Keep in mind they tend to be strangers or acquaintances.


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  • Just be straight, try not to look too anxious or desperate and ask the girl if she would go out with you. There is no better way than being yourself.


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