What did boyfriend mean when he said this?

My ldr boyfriend and i have been dating for almost 9 months now, and well we were on the phone and he said " you only seen the cover" and also Does anyone have any funny goodmorning sayings to tell him i wanna make him smile Thank you !


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  • Wow I can't believe there are actually girls that want to make their guys smile. I wish I could meet a girl like this.

    • Lol! Well he and i are on the phone and im waiting till he wakes up, any idea what to say to make him smile something original?

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  • No idea what he is talking about but I have things to say early in the morning

    "Baby don't move your surrounded by ninjas"
    Call him when he asks why your calling so early say "I'm your new alarm clock"
    Would put a smile on my face haha 😄

  • He refers that he has much more things to show you not physica thing just thing like wait until you resd the whole book


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  • It's a metaphor. You've only seen the outside, not the inside. There's more about him that you don't know, could be good or bad or both. He is just trying to say that there is more to him than you think there is. I think he wants you to stick around, and (if it's something bad) he may want to open up and be honest but doesn't want you to be disappointed with things you may find out about him.

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