So here's the deal:

I've had an amazing second date with a guy I really care about. We had lots of fun and cuddled up in a quiet place in public. We decided to take the next train back home which is when we missed it and had to wait for the next train. So we sat down and were really comfortable with each other. I felt cold so he offered me to sit on his lap but I refused. After he asked me another time I looked into his eyes for a short while and all of a sudden he kissed me! It felt natural but it was a new experience for me. Hours before we talked about relationships and that we don't want to rush...

In the train he intended to kiss me again when I told him I'd want to take it slow... Do you think that is okay?

AND how should we greet one another the next time we see each other?


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What Guys Said 1

  • It's the second day a sweet gesture like a kiss on a second date is nothing to be worried about one kiss won't hurt anyone taking it slow is a good idea but don't worry about one kiss it's just a nice way to express emotions through physical contact nothing to worry about at all

    • maybe you're right... thanks :)

What Girls Said 1

  • Aww girl, you're sweating it way too much. I think you did everything fine. Just go with what feels most comfortable. As for what to do the next time you see him, just say hello as you normally would :) You could even mention what a great time you had the other night. Just take some deep breaths and be chill. Everything will work out fine!

    • I'll remember that, thx! :)