Would you date an older woman?

I'm a 30 year old girl and seem to be attracted to and attract younger guys. I mean younger as in anything from around 20 and above. I just personally find them better looking than the majority of guys my own age or older (no offence to any guys who are 30 and over I just tend to naturally notice younger guys before guys my own age). What are your thoughts on this? I don't see a problem now as I have hardly aged much at all and look younger than what I am. But I just want your opinion on a few things:

1. What happens in a few years when I'm ageing and he's not? I don't want to look like I'm old and he's young lol.

2. What attracts guys in their 20s to older girls anyway? Is it just some sort of fantasy to sleep with an older more experienced girl?

3. Would you date an older woman or do you prefer to stick to your own age or younger?

4. How old is too old?


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  • Let me say that 30 is not even "older". Secondly age is nothing but a number.

    A friend of mine is 48. She is a Gogo dancer. She looks like she is 30. She is not attracted to guys her own age. They are mostly too old for. It's not physical. It's mentally. She does not only look 30. In her mind she might be even younger.

    Guys in their 20's really like her. Even after finding out she is 48. So don't worry about it so much. "What if this?" and "what if that?" only makes you not being able to enjoy life

    Are there guys that have fantasy's about older women? Probably. And who cares. Some guys like blond. Is that a problem? No. Some guys like short women. Is that a problem? No.

    Just go for it.


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  • I would happily date someone who is 30 as long as we get on well and want the same things from a relationship then I say let's go.

  • 1. 30 isn't old enough for a guy in his twenties to care

    2. Yes. A lot of guys have an older woman fantasy.

    3. Yes, I would.

    4. More than 10 years.

  • This is a great question, I'm 29 so I'm technically a younger guy 😉 I have always been attracted to older women and have dated women 10 years older than me, I don't think there is a limit, as long as it's legal

  • Haha "30 year old girl"... Um nooo you're a "30 year old Lady". Don't lie to yourself.

    • Lol ok I'm a lady then even better. Thanks! :)

    • Now that is sexy :))

  • I find older women hot... this has always been the case.

    They're more mature, more experienced (sexually and otherwise), probably understand a guy after being through their own relationships. Unlike younger women, they're not interested in a sugar daddy alone, and are willing to do all it takes to hold on to their guy.

    What attracts me to an older woman? They're less stressful to be in a relationship with, in multiple ways. I'd anyday date an older woman if possible. Age, however old, is not an issue, provided (i) she's attractive in some way -- looks, personality, attitude or (ii) she is attracted to you, and shares things that can be crucial in a relationship -- e. g. your interest in sex.

    I don't think the fear of her aging faster is an issue. She'd just try harder to keep you! So that more than balances.


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  • I'm 47, younger and older guys have expressed attraction to me. My inner spirit is younger then 47 and I don't look my age. Its all good as long as the age spread isn't enormous, like avoid over 10 for your age. And fyi, you age and so do they. So you aren't the only one experiencing changes in your body as a result,