What does it mean when a girl texts me for a while and then just stops?

remembered me from our freshman year of high school. We talked for a little and she gave me her number and tolled me that we should hang out some time. So the next day I text her my number since I didn't give her it the other day. She text back asking when are we going to hang out? I picked a day that we both didn't have school and she was down for that which was on a Thursday. Before Thursday she would text me A LOT. In that week my phone went from 0 to over 400 messages from her alone. She would say that I'm cute and how she can't wait for Thursday. Thursday comes and she cancels cause she has to work but says we will hang out another day. I say ok. The next day she texts me and she's been drinking to were she is just dizzy but still conscious of what she is doing. So she starts flirting with me and I flirt back . After that night she stops texting me. I try talking to her but I can tell she wants to keep the conversations short cause she keeps the calls short and doesn't respond to the second text message I sent. So now I'm confused. WHAT HAPPENED?


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  • I would recommend waiting and seeing what happens. If she shows interest in another date soon then go for it and if not then I would say she has had a change of heart.