Sigh. How do I fix this and man up?

if you look through my past couple of questions, they are about the same woman. A cute co-worker who loves games and so I bought her a travel Chess set for her birthday last week. She was blown away and said we should plan some time for me to try and teach her, just not this current week, cause she's very busy. At work the other day she said next Wednesday might work, but was trying to figure out if there was some time we both get off work at the same time. (There isn't at all). I think she was trying to be nice cause she was like 'Oh, but you'd have to drive all the way in to meet me when I get off work', which I'm fine with. With other people around I had a hard time saying I just want to take her on a date.

Should I call her this afternoon and tell her that, or try to find her at work tomorrow afternoon to do so?


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  • You want to ask out on date, become a gentleman and ask her in person. For the tip while conversation if something makes her laugh then compliment on her laughter or her hairs or any Other thing you like about her above the shoulder one or two compliments then ask her out, she won't say no. Just take care conversation is between you two not a group conversation otherwise it will be weird. Of course you have already fell for her which makes it even harder for you to ask her out. To control yourself from freaking out. Think being in her shoes how much desperate she is and waiting and waiting for you to come and ask her out, so she can have fun. And she accepted chess, which she does not know how to even play is pure sign she is waiting for you to ask. You wait long she will come and ask you out, then there will be nothing manly left to do, so it's now or never my brother


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