How many people wind up dating and or marrying a 5th to a 10th cousin?

small world. it happens. the genetics were off after 3rd. we are all related some how.


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  • Probably a lot more than we realized. Especially if you date within your own nationality and in your own hometown. You truly had to be careful in my small high school, many discovered they were related because this is a farm town and the same families (a lot of Mennonite families) have been here for many generations. In my senior year we discovered a family we had gone to school with/ known for 8 years were our 3rd cousins. Luckily none of us ever dated lol.
    Another family we were friends with in school went to a big family reunion for their mom's family. Well a few members of their dad's distant family were unexpectedly at the reunion too. After getting over the surprise and confusion, they figured out that the parents had been married for over 20 years and had no idea they were cousins. Like 3rd or 4th cousins. From that point on this was always the joking reason to explain weird things our 2 friends did in high school.


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  • Well I haven't dated many people, but all the guys I've dated have been from a completely different race. But like you said, I guess we are all related somehow.

    • its true. i had dated and it would up being in that range. i dated tons of girls. can we date online?

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