Have you ever farted on a first date?

How did you react? How did your date react?


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  • lol I have never farted on a date xD

    • What would you do if you did one day in the future?

    • I would laugh it off. Kind of what I do in any awkward situation lol.

    • Yeah that is the best thing to do. If I was on a first date with a girl I would reassure her I did not think anything less of her and it has not changed my feelings about her

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  • lmao xD that would be sooo awkward

    • What would you do if that happened to you say did a massively loud and long one that smelt extreemly bad.

    • Oh god, what you make me think about o_o
      I don't know xD Regardless of who did that, probably the mood was going to die there at that precise moment (if it was that bad as you described). xD
      It would be very awkward if it was me. I would remember it for a long time and feel ashamed of it.

What Guys Said 1

  • if that happened then i'd leave... i couldn't handle it, i'd feel really ashamed