What's going on with him?

me and my ex are working on our problems ,we talked about and so you know I figured okay then his my boyfriend again but then after coming and sleeping with me a few times now he isn't returning my calls and isn't talking to me at all , I just found out instead of coming and hanging with me for the weekend he is going to drink :(


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  • He is using you.

    He wants to have sex with you but won't put in any effort to have a potential future relationship?

    I would assume that if he wanted a relationship / friendship, he wouldn't just vanish without a trace.. He was supposed to hang out this weekend and left to drink - proves everything I just said.

    I would close the chapter in your life and get away from the abusive behavior.


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  • Do you really love him? How long have you two been dating? I just broke up with my fiance and I want him back. Guys like it when you ignore them. If you ignore him and he runs back to you take it slow. Don't sleep with him..Act hard to get. That's what I'm doing. If you don't want him then leave him alone.

    • Actually, I find it rather annoying when I'm ignored.

      If I were ignored, I wouldn't run back to that person- I would move on, because I know there are people out there, that WILL treat me better.