He told me he likes me, but he hasn't called, now what?

Went on a 2nd date, both of us had a blast, he admitted he likes me (more than friends), and he told me I should know his interest based on the fact that he called me right after date #1, and that he usually is pretty up front if he isn't interested, he tells the girls so that he does not waste their time. After date 2, I have yet to hear back from him, even though we had a blast. It's been 3 days, but I sent a text last night and he didn't respond to that either! What gives?

He did tell me that he would stop calling me so late to wake me up at night (which he used to do), but now I haven't heard from him in a week minus 1-2 texts! what!?


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  • Does he work?

    This guy seems like he doesn't cut around the bush, so I believe that he is simply busy with school / work / kids / etc. This guy was upfront on the first AND second dates. I don't see a reason for him to hide without saying anything. Just give it some time.

    What your doing right now is over-analyzing, try to stop. I understand you like this guy, but you don't want to come off like a stalker or a creep- Let him breathe and do what he has to, then when he has time I'm sure he will write you back.

    He knows you want to get in touch, so there is no need to write him again.

    Try to fill your time with something (work / volleyball / excersizing / friends / etc) this will help take your mind off him =P

    Best regards,


    • Yes, he does work. You basically just said what I wanted to hear...thank you for that. I know that I should just go with what he's told me...but I've been burned in the past, and assume the worst (Terrible, I know). Thanks for your advice! I'm just gonna give him a few days to hopefully get back in contact with me.

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    • I called him...left a message...of course he didn't call back...but he did have enough time last night to log back onto the online dating site. and he has called me super late before so that's not an excuse either...*sigh

    • =/ Sorry to hear that. The easiest thing at this point would be to move on and not worry about the headaches. I know it hurts- I have been there. I wish you the best of all happiness =)

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