Girls I need your input please?

So I met this girl on new years eve which is one of my childhood friends friend. We instantly hit it off and have been talking/hanging out since. We are not officially dating but we are exclusive and won't talk or do things with other people. We have had sex and are very open about our feelings towards Eachother. We are basically dating. Anyway she is gone for another 2 months on a traveling temporary job. When she gets back we will see Eachother every weekend so I'm not really worried. My problem is that I miss her so much and it really gets to me sometimes. It's almost 1 month in from the total 3 months she will be gone and I just need some advice and girl input about how I should handle my feelings over the next 2 months. It feels like it'll be an year before I see her. Maybe I'm just being emotional, we talk everyday but it varies when and how much. She calls me whenever she's free from work and her day but sometimes it's like 1-3 a. m my time which I generally try and stay up to talk.


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  • You totally got whacked with the love sick my friend. As far as her being away I don't know if there's much you can do unless you have enough money/free time to travel to go see her. When she comes home I think you should be honest with her about how you feel, maybe she feels that way too.


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