Advice needed on dating at mid and late-twenties?

I have been only in serious relationships in the past and ended one of them badly. I will not get into details but things I found out about my ex-boyfriend's life caused me some traumas. It's been 6 years now and since then I haven't been in any serious relationships and had only a few casual dates (very few). I am 25 now and getting back on track. It feels like that I lost the best years of my life hiding from guys, being enclosured and not allowing anyone to approach me, but now I want to make up for those years and go out, have fun, meet new guys and maybe find a new boyfriend. I wanna know some good tips on letting guys to approach and how to meet new people. I know it depends on the individual, but what do guys like in a girl that not only draw your attention to her but that also make you like her? Does age matter? I mean I haven't really dated anyone since I was 19, despite a couple of guys. Am I too old?
PS: Sorry for my grammar. I am not a native English speaker.


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  • think over carefully where you are going to meet these prospective guys. By your ag you should mostly rely on friends introducing you,. odds of finding only trouble are high in clubs or bars


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