Confused am I just a hook up?

I met this guy online and we were texting like crazy for a week and he was constantly asking for pics and when he could come see me. We had our first date and went to the movies and talked for hours afterwards. He still continued to text me and than our second date we did everything but have sex. Before I left he said we needed to hang out again sometime but never made plans. He texted me some the next day but it was mostly to say sorry I've been MIA really busy today. Same thing today. Like the texting has basically dropped off but he will respond right away to any text that I send him. I dont know if Im reading way to much into this or I messed up by allowing things to go to far. Im in the weird awkward place with him now and I dont know what to do.

He told me that he would be upfront with me and not just blow me off. Also I was hesitant about even hanging out with him since his divorce is not final yet and I told him that I was looking for a relationship and he assured me that it wasn't a problem that he just doesn't hook up. But that was all before the second date.


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  • I mean if you were he wouldn't be that interested maybe he do want something else than just friends if you know what i mean

    • I thought he was really interested in me until after that second date. But does doing everything but have sex still count?

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    • I stopped it before it got to that point I usually have a waiting period of two months or longer

    • It may be relates to that it would be sad if he is only into you because of your body

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  • Could be he lost interest for another reason after second date, like didn't think you two were that compatible after all. The second date is usually the make or break one as far as deciding to pursue or not. I am glad you didn't go any further.

  • I would just let the situation progress and see what happens

    • I'm trying. I keep telling myself that he's just having two really bad days at work and that's what is wrong. Since he is still texting me randomly and responding to mine right away.