Asking a girl out: how long is too long to wait?

Generally when I meet a girl and get her number/Facebook, I get in contact with her by the next day and I will have asked her out shortly after we start texting. I do this on the assumption that if I wait too long, then she'll lose interest.

Lately though I've literally been too swamped to go out on dates. I'm graduating this year and I've been caught up with final projects, applying for jobs, making the most of my last days at uni, etc. I could squeeze in the time if I really wanted to, but by the time I'm free I'm either with friends or too tired to bother with anything.

There are a couple of girls who I've met and exchanged contact with and I'd like to take either of them out sometime when my schedule clears up a bit. I've already been out with one of them once, but we haven't seen each other since because she went travelling shortly afterward. The other one I met around 3 weeks ago and I haven't been able to ask her out simply because I haven't had the time.


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  • As long as you've known them for more than a week your fine to ask one out and make sure that they understand that you do have other things to do but if you really like her then you'd make the time her. No girl likes getting asked out and then never seeing them.

    Also make sure you know you actually want to relationship with her if you think you will not have enough time for her then wait and see where the plenty of other things going on take you, you may meet someone new and just hit it off from there.


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