Do most women settle on men if they can't get the most desirable men?

If only 20% of men are attractive, does that mean most women eventually just settle for the average ones? Isn't that unfair for the average guy?


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  • An average woman may only find 20% of men attractive, true.

    But that doesn't mean that a different woman finds a different 20% of men attractive.

    So... no. I would bet most women end up with a man they find attractive :p

    Ex. I find blondes with blue eyes attractive. My friend thinks that that is the absolute worst combination of hair and eye color ever imaginable and that all people with blonde hair and blue eyes are hideous. She prefers brown hair and blue/green eyes. So... different men are attractive to different women. I doubt there is one universal attractive man.

    • Ah that makes sense. But what if you're in the "universally unattractive" range?

    • I don't think there is one.

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  • No... I "settled" and married the man I fell deeply in love with... Not Second Best.


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  • Settling is unfair to both parties.

    That said, just because a girl doesn't find a guy physically attractive, that doesn't necessarily mean she is settling. She could be attracted to other aspects of him.

    It comes down to this. Most men need to accept that women aren't going to find them physically attractive, just as most women need to accept that they will never find a man who will essentially be a hero-worshipper. In other words, most men aren't liked by women in the same way that men like women, and most women aren't liked by men in the same way that women like men.

  • Life is about settling with something or someone dude. With lower you can settle with, happier you are.