Do you think this girl likes me, is interested? if a girl offers her phone number to me, she said about studying together sometime?

my gut feeling, instinct tells me she is interested, but i don't have much dating experience so i'm not sure, i basically approached and started talking to her first in class, class started almost a month ago, on January 20th, we had been sitting next to each other most of the time, this past Tuesday, when she asked me first about how was my weekend, when i told her how it was, i asked her subtly if she had a boyfriend by saying "so what did your boyfriend do for on Valentine's Day?", i said it in a playful way, since Valentine's day was last Saturday, and she look and said to me while smiling "i don't have one", so she is single, thats what i know, at the end of class, she said to me, you want to get together to study sometime? and i said sure, so she wrote down her number on my notebook.

Is she interested in me? Today in class i'm gonna set up the study get together with her, i'm thinking Starbucks is a good place where we can both study and get to know each other.

She didn't get my phone number until i texted her first, so it wasn't like we both exchanged phone numbers, and i didn't text her until the following day, which was yesterday, i texted her saying who i was, saying "just sending my first text to you now that you have my number, lol", she didn't respond until close to midnight last night, by then when i was already asleep, and she responded back by saying "Sorry, worked a long shift today. But cool I officially have your number hahah".

Is a person offering their phone number and to study together a good sign? now i just want to make sure i don't throw myself into the friend zone

how many flakes should a guy put up with before he just moves on to another girl? because she cancelled our first hang out


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  • Well! You the only one who can know that. She might be interesed in you and she might just take you as a friend too. So what you do is start being more flirtarious, more touchy when talking to her and try to keep much eye contact when talking to her but don't do it toomuch. You don't want to seem like a jerk and a retard. To get off the comfort zone, ask her out... u know just to get her off the studying thing. From there on you can tell her how you feel about her. But if you play your cards right you might find yourself in a relationship inless than a week. Remember women act on what they see. So picture yourself as the girl, how would you expect the guy who is crazy about you to be... Confidence, Straight-Forward, Charming, Smart, Intelligent etc. Work on what you have and believe in yourself. Lastly don't be afraid to tell how you feel

    • when you tell a girl how you feel, is it best to say that to the girl during the first date, the first hang out one on one?

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    • well because they always say if you tell a woman you have feelings for her too soon it will backfire on you, so i'm not sure when

    • Sometimes its not about being too soon. But the manner in which you state your story

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  • lol she might be interested in you :P just keep things normally like you're doing right now.
    and if you also are interested, show her that and just let the conversation flow, people love to know that you’re interested in what they have to say, so show some interest, they’ll prob hang around and want to talk to you even more

  • this is a very debateable one


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  • I'm sort of 50-50 on this

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