Should I feel uncomfortable about his cousin?

Should I feel uncomfortable that my boyfriends cousin (girl) makes sexual remarks towards him?


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  • How sexual? Because if it's just kind of flirty teasing, I definitely wouldn't worry about it. I know that I do that to my cousins now, and we always make fun of each other if the other is dating someone. Especially if they introduce me to their girlfriends, I find it hilarious to tease them and their girlfriends. I wouldn't read much into it if that's all it is. If it's more than that... well I don't know. (bc I don't know how intense it is)

    • She will say stuff like "do you like the way I lick the tip or nah" to him while eating a hotdog. She has been close to his face where it's almost like she's about to kiss him but she didn't and then after that happened he came right up to me because, it happened in front of me and he said "are you mad?" And I'm just like why would I be mad if that's your cousin and then on our anniversary she was like "it's our anniversary" but it was me and his anniversary