Is my depression causing me to not be able to feel in love with my girlfriend?

Posting on my sisters account... We had dated for almost a year and she was the best girlfriend I could ask for and she's been extremely supportive of me during all my depression crap. I've been depressed for almost a year and sometimes I'm fine and then I get into phases where I feel horrible and just want to be alone. Lately I've been overthinking everything to death, including my relationship and I freaked out and we went on a break. I broke up with her yesterday because I don't feel in love with her. I've been overthinking this for a few weeks and we haven't seen each other for that same time because I was grounded and I was in one of my phases then too. I care about her so much and we haven't had any problems with our relationship, she's the most special person I've ever met and I miss her. I told her I'd want to try again if I get better but I feel like I won't get better. I don't know why I'm not happy, I don't have a reason to be and just a few weeks ago I loved her so much. Is my depression making me not able to feel love like usual? I see my therapist tonight hopefully he'll make sense of this. what is wrong with me?

  • It's your depression talking- therapy will get you straightened out
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  • You somehow don't love her anymore
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  • Depression is a thing that is easy to get out of it just takes crazy dedication you've just gotta do things that make you happy get out of the house shit like that by sitting on your computer asking about depression you won't get anywhere go out for a run hit the gym play a sport that'll get you out of depression sitting around waiting for everything to get straightened out will get you no where you've gotta go make something happen.

    • I can see you've obviously got experience here and know exactly what you're talking about. Depression can't be fixed with a "run" and a positive frame of mind. Get your jock head out of the gym and research stuff before you give out critical and detrimental "advice" without a clue what you're talking about.

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  • Sounds like a symptom of your depression. Hopefully you'll be able to explain things to her when you pick up again and she'll be sympathetic.

    Well done for seeking help with this. Although it is a slow process, seeing a therapist will make a huge difference. Talk about this with them and they will probably tell you the same thing. It is not unusual for depression to steal your interest in just about everything - hobbies, friends, sex, love. This is normal and can be reversed with the right support.


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  • You are nuttier than a fruitcake!


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