Tips for casual dating?

I've started having casual regular, mind blowing sex with my supervisor from work (we are both single so no affairs going on). Its awesome. Generally we'll grab a drink flirt have a laugh then go back to either mine or his to get down and dirty. We are really sexually compatible so i would like this to last as long as possible. We have only slept together 3 times (i am very new to the job) and it looks like we will continue.

How do i make this last as long as possible without any awkwardness or hard feelings? Any flirting/sex tips for leaving him wanting more?

Also how will i be able to tell if he is after something else or starts to gain feelings for me?


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  • You are playing with fire if you value your job. If something happens and things don't work out a supervisor who is pissed at you can make your job a living hell.

  • Stop the relationship right now

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    • We work in a bar... its quite clear others in the team have slept together (and are still) as we are all flirty and touchy with eachother. I suppose it comes with working in a dark room with loud music and lots of alcohol so I'm not completely worried about that.

    • I thought you meant on an office , in pub it's a bit strange but not as bad I guess

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